Monday 14 November, 2005

photos on the way

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I know we’ve been to Paris and London recently and not a word, instead I write about what we’ve had for dinner!? It’s just we did so much and had so much fun in both these vastly different, yet equaly fabulous cities that neither of us knows where to start. But help has arrived in the form of Flickr……yippee………so much fun for me, all our photos in neat little sets for us to view. But it is a bit time consuming and the thing is Lille may not be the South of France but it does a pearla of an Autumn. So soon we hope to have lots of photos up and available, holidays, around Lille, apartment and of course foodie photos. But in the meantime I have to get outside, the sun is shining through the window at the desk here and I know a winter is close so I want to out run it while I can. I have a chore and shopping list a mile long and the thrill of buying new knitting needles. I am only a beginner knitter but mum and auntie Robyn are superb knitters and my nan was an amazing knitter, I have a pair of her socks and I swear a ray of light wouldn’t make it between her stitches. While Robyn is a yarn snob and wouldn’t let acrylic touch her hands, I appear to be a needle snob, I don’t like plastic, I want bamboo…..I can’t even knit a jumper yet mind you; I just prefer the feel and the look against the wool. Not being knitting season in Melbourne it probably seems out of sync to be talking wool. If Thea Olympia is reading, thank you for the lovely scarf you knitted me, gorgeous warm orange colours, it is perfect for this time of year in France.

The above photo is purchases from Paris, that’s the wool I’m knitting with and the mag is for planning dreaming about all our trips and those cute little jars were meant to be gifts, but somehow the harissa ended up in our fridge…whoops. It did go very nicely with the beef.

a bientot

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