Tuesday 29 November, 2005

merci beaucoup

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Thanks everyone who ordered brooches, you know who you are! I really appreciate your support and encouragement. I’ve hit a little snag, it seems I’ve depleted la droguerie of the blanket pins I use, well for the time being. I will prioritise making those that have been ordered for xmas gifts and then they tell me by the end of the week they should have more in. C’est tout bon!

I thought I would snap a little image of our desk. I have been honest and when I had the thought I did it without straightening things up. My mother will be pleased to see I’ve eaten some fruit! So this is where I sit each morning after Jim has gone to work to read The Age check my emails and read some blogs. The gerberas are from a lovely bunch of flowers that Jim came home last night with. Ain’t love grand!

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