Friday 19 May, 2006


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Ok so it doesn’t look like Im going to get back into the swing of this thing and I suspect not many of you are dropping by any more due to our appalling neglect. So with the pressure off and no one watching I’ll probably start up again!!

Anyway I ‘ve shared none of Italy and already we are off again, this time to Greece and I know its going to be hot because Ive painted my toes! When we return we are back for just a quick pit stop before we head to SAN FRANCISCO!!!!

I’ll be in Greece but my heart will be at home with mum, Lola was very sick and she couldn’t stay. No more discomfort Lolly just an endless beach, thank you for the unconditional love and the endless joy, you were and are the best dog ever, sweet sweet girlxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 9 May, 2006

tiny stars

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Harry & Grace
This photo of Harry & Grace(oh and the footy blokes) was on the cover of the HeraldSun for the Royal Women’s Hospital Appeal……if that doesnt make you dig deep check for a pulse!

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