Wednesday 9 November, 2005

We’re fine.

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Haven’t got time to write much as we are BOTH getting ready for work. We are fine, thanks for the emails and phone calls, yes there are riots going on in Paris and as well some activity in Lille. But we were able to maintain our carefree tourist attitude in Paris as we were not in areas exposed to any of the rioting or warned to be cautions. The area we live in Lille is far from the area of reported activity, such as car torching, and from my understanding the situation in LIlle has not escalated to the point of requiring safety measures such as a curfew.

Will write more later

Well I’m home from work.

I am reluctant to write about the current situation in France as my understanding is limited and this is merely a postcard style site. I think when we don’t understand something fully it is best to say less and wise to read more. However we agreed to write about our time in France so I will write the little that I know. The current rioting in France is born of peoples fustration and fear with past, current and potential future migrant policies. The catalyst the deaths of two youths while being chased by the police in the infamous Paris suburb of Clinchy-sois-Bois, they were killed having attempted to climb an electric fence in a bid to escape a police check. I do not condone rioting but I cant imagine what the lives are like for these many powerless people. I feel so sad for the boys families and I thank God that the number of injuries and deaths sustained during the unrest does not match the number of cars torched.

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