Thursday 24 November, 2005

french buttons

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petite button (3cm) that 70’s brooch (10cm)

coffee or tea? (7cm) running with scissors (6cm)
Here are the photos of the brooches I made, I pinned them to some items from my wardrobe as an example. Please keep in mind they are my first attempts. They are simple designs, yet took a lot of patience and fiddling to work out the best way to construct them for durability and aesthetics. I have many more ideas and I want to run out and purchase more gorgeous buttons for inspiration. Now I have somewhat of an idea how I want to make them I’d like to use more colour and different themes. But here’s the thing I can’t be stockpiling brooches, so if anyone is interested in ordering a brooch for themselves or as a gift that would be great! I’m not looking to make a profit, just some way towards covering my expenses. And it would be fun to think of the brooches getting around town on someone’s jacket or whatever they chose to pin it to (I’ve popped coffee or tea? on my beret).

So if you have a specific request, an idea of what you might like or just a query email me at: frenchbuttons@gmail.com

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