Wednesday 19 October, 2005


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Well I have been home a week and all is good….except my body clock.

I’ve never been good at getting over jetlag, Jim will testify to that all to readily! So last night after fighting to stay up to a reasonable hour, sans daytime nap, I gave in at 9pm. Waking at some later stage I noted keenly a darkish sky, but we are heading into a European winter and with a neighbours light on (long past allocated wee time), I think there is a good chance I might of slept through finally. Not wanting to disturb the employed half of this partnership I need to make the call without light for a time check. Should I roll over and cling to the tail end of sleep and beg it to take me back or can I spring up for a cuppa and read The Age online? Surely the neighbour is getting ready for work; quitely I’m up, door shut and slowly I turn to the clock. Noooo 4:30!! Bollocks! I know why I’m up……I wonder why my neighbour is?

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