Monday 24 October, 2005

Bon Weekend

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Saturday morning was abit overcast and drizzly so we had a lesiurely breakfast and watched our wedding video….as you do. We thoroughly enjoyed it, bringing back lots of wonderful memories, I even managed to watch my speech with out cringing (though I did feel empathy for that tearful girl). I could watch the church service over and over again, though it amazes me to see me being so still on the outside when my memory is of all these wonderful emotions dancing joyously inside me, I do not know how they didn’t spill over. A big thank you to cousin Moreno for doing such a great job with the video!!

When the sun came out we put the mountain bikes in the car and drove to Belgium heading for a large forest just south of Brussels. Being Autumn the trees were glorious in colour and the air was so clean and crisp, though it wasnt at all cold. Then from out of nowhere the rain came and came and came, mon dieu and we didnt think it was ever going to stop. The above photo was taken after we had stopped for shelter under a huge Elm tree, and it seemed to lessen for a moment. That photo is so misleading 30sec after that photo was taken the skys opened up and it felt like monsoon weather, we were drowned and as well the tracks are used by horses so it was tough going through the bog. To make matters worse or should I say amusing, we had decided earlier on in the day to purposely get ourselves lost!?! I should never of given Jim Phil Keoghan’s, the kiwi adventurers book on getting the most out of every activity. I have to say we laughed and had a smile on our face the whole time as we tried to find our way back to car, not once passing another sole I might add. The French say the Belgiums are crazy, just maybe not as crazy as aussies.

On the way home we stopped at a frites van, I can never resist Belgium frites with their fab mayo and they seemed to taste even better when you are wet and exhausted.

Sunday was far more civilised, after spending the morning at the local market we headed to a Croix, a suburb just out of Lille to have lunch with one of Jim’s work collegues and his family. Steve, who is orginally from Liverpool, his wife Babeth and their children Sophie and Yan, oh and their gorgeous Cocker Spaniel Nella. They made us feel very welcome in their lovely home and I couldn’t believe when we made tracks it was as late as it was. A perfect way to spend a Sunday, good company, wonderful food and kir royal.

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