Wednesday 26 October, 2005

Jim’s Name Day

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In Orthodox Christian tradition children are named after a Saint. During the year on a particular date each Saint is celebrated by the Church. That date is also known as the childs Name Day and is, these days, celebrated in the home in much the same way as a birthday. Jim’s “proper” name is Dimitrios and today is his Name Day.

Chronia Polla Dimitrios xxxx

The church encourages the contemplation, of the Saints life you were named after and to emulate their Christian qualities.

St Dimitrios was the son of a military commander of Thessalonica in the early 14th century.

The only son, he was most carefully cherished and educated. When his father died the Emperor ordered Dimitrios to take his fathers place. The Emperor later imprisoned and killed Dimitrios for preaching Christianity and defying the Emperors orders to have Christians killed.

It is said Dimitrios has appeared many times and saved the city in times of trouble. St Dimitrios is regarded as the defender and protector of Thessalonica. Jim has many family in Thessalonica and it’s region, as this is where his parents originate from.

Happy Name Day to all Dimitrios’s

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