Monday 6 February, 2006

jims doodles

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Whenever I sit down at the computer the desk top is usually decorated with similar images to the one above. The meaning I can not comprehend, however I usually honour them by allowing my tea cup to rest there. So you see a scientist and a very non scientist can happily co exist!

We were unsuccessful obtaining tickets to the World Cup in the last draw but will have another bash at it next draw, fingers crossed. Good news is Jim has a couple of conferences coming up, one in Naples and another in San Fransisco, I will go also and am very excited. We think we have the scanable passports that the US require so we don’t need to bother with a visa which is good. We went and saw Brokeback Mountain on the weekend, fabulous movie but achingly sad, it took all my might not to cry and usually I wouldn’t try and stop myself, but I knew if I started I wouldn’t stop.

Can’t believe its February already, Con and Toulas baby is due the middle of the month so they are on our minds a lot and we cant wait to hear of the little ones arrival and to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Heidi has given permission for me to tell you all that her and John know that they are to have a boy and a girl!!! Heidi is her usual well grounded self but I don’t think Johns feet are destined to touch the earth ever again.

Since you are all so shy and its our emails that receive all the comments and feedback on the site(thanks everyone) and Peta has finally got an email account(ha ha Peta), I think we might as well turn off the comments box to prevent all the spam we have been getting. Also Vas has informed us that WordPress has been updated to a new version which will make updating this site easier, so an advanced thanks to Vas.

p.s after the spiel on the comments box it seems for the time being I cant turn it off, am glad wordpress is to be updated!

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