Monday 31 October, 2005


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I’ve been very surprised to see Chocolatiers window’s full of Halloween figurines in chocolate and pate de amande. I’m surprised as I thought it was an American tradition and we know how the French feel about the Americans!?! A little informal research informed me that Halloween has only very recently been adopted by the French, influenced by marketing, but they seem to be having a good bash at embracing it. Shops and pubs are Halloween themed and the news featured school children all dressed in delightful ghost, ghoul and skeleton costumes. Our neighbours downstairs informed the apartment block by way of the communal notice board that they are having a Halloween party, no invitation mind you.

I’m a bit nervous about all this Halloween activity as I’m scared we may actually be tricked or treated……what have we got to give the little tadpoles……nothing!! We ate the ghost in 5 seconds, he followed Jim home from Lille’s oldest(1700’s) and most superior Chocolatier Meert. And even though we came home with a huge booty from London I don’t imagine even French children hold much desire for brown rice, oatcakes, twinings tea and saffron and smoked paprika from the Spanish shop. Though if desperate we may be forced to hand over our Honey and Nut Mini Weet-bixs! We’d rather just tell them we’re English, they already hate them.

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