Friday 23 June, 2006


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Off we went to The Australian Bar last night, nervously clutching our flag and with me saying every 5min We can do it I know we can, our boys are just fabulous. Do you KNOW we can do it? You have to KNOW we can! Jim would always reassure me we could, but it looked a bit tricky at times, what with 2goals given to Croatia, 1 by the ref and the other by our own goalie, geez talk about butter fingers. That was the first thing I screamed in outrage last night, and yes there were many many things screamed in outrage, but first was Where is Schwarz? That man would not drop a ball, he has German proficiency! Jim explained it was Kalac who helped get us into the World Cup, ok so I wasn’t on the bandwagon then, how was I to know. In my defence my step father is a Pom and Jim and I have been together more than 4years so Soccer was not entirely unknown to me. And being a Melbournian you don’t think I didn’t try and give footy a go, but I just could never ever get into it. But now I have Soccer Football, I have GOAL APPRECIATION!!

Jim and I are both hoarse today, along with the pubs owner, a few of his bar staff and a dozen or so Aussie backpackers. The French drinkers are fine, they didn’t utter a sound, they just stood there in stunned silence. They had never before witnessed impassioned Aussie supporters, let alone a femme. Jim has just left for work on his bike with the Aussie flag strapped to the back of his daypack, last night he walked back from the pub with it held high in the air the whole way home. Allez les Socceroos!!!

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