Monday 24 April, 2006

blog neglect

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Wow, it’s been a seriously long time since we have posted! Our excuses are events that left us unable to attend to anything superfluous, followed by a much needed trip to Italy, entertaining a EU house guest and Orthodox Easter. Christos Anesti!

I will try and post pictures soon, but my blogging muscles are seriously atrophied and will take time to strengthen. However just this past week the weather is finally displaying signs of Spring and with that has come a renewed vigour and enthusiasm to lengthen my daily list of things to do.

In brief I can share that Jim and I are making plans to head home to Australia in October, not for a holiday but to settle! Take note I say Australia* as there can be no promise Jim will score a job in Melbourne, in fact one promising prospect is in Adelaide!! I can cope with the idea of Adelaide as it’s not that far from Melbourne and Mum reckons it’s a very managable drive for her. Though it would sadden me not to have ready access to my two new friends, Harry & Grace…..yes for those of you who don’t know Heidi & John had their twins!! I confess to some tears and a pain in my heart at not being able to see my dear friend & her bubs, but I figure they’ll still be babies when I get my hands on them. I suspect it will take both Heidi and John to wrestle them off me once I do get my hands on them, but then again juggling twins may take it’s toll on them and they might happily relinquish them to me for a spell. Heidi and John aren’t the only ones to be blessed with twins, Sofia and Joey had their girls, Isabella & Michaela earlier in the month, we’ll ask permission to post the photos they sent, adorable!!!

*Shhh, just quietly I have granted permission for 1 country outside Australia to be applied to, Jim acted quickly before I could change my mind. I was specific on the country and no its not New Zealand, a little further than that but not as far as Europe, its not the USA and for the most part they speak English. If you cant work it out from all those clues I’d have to risk insulting you and suggest you’re a wee bit challenged!!

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  1. Clearly I’m a ‘wee bit challenged’ oh dear…

    Nice to see you back in print!


    Comment by Sally — Thursday 27 April, 2006 @ 4:42 am

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