Monday 13 February, 2006


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Holly just landed on her bum in the half pipe, all the Aussies waved their flags and their banners just as fervently. They say you are never more Australian than when you are overseas, I swear I got teary when they showed an aerial shot of all the Aussie spectators with flags and giant blow up kangaroos proudly held high in the air. When we followed Le Tour de France last year I waved that flag on the end of our broom stick like a mad woman, as though my depth of pride was reflected in how hard I waved and how loud I yelled. But in Australia at a sporting event the most you get out of me would be an enthusiastic clap, in fact I’m trying to think what sporting events I’ve been to? I hate AFL, ok hate is a strong word but I very much dislike it and when Jim took me to the Grand Prix I can honestly say I would of rather spent the day cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush. Tennis!! I love the tennis and Mark Phillipousis got me out of my seat and there may of been some yelling. But Go Aussie! only gets yelled by me in a foreign country, who knows what the downstairs neighbours think with the yelling and the feet stomping.

I’ve always enjoyed the winter Olympics more than the summer, they are so pretty with all that beautiful snow and more death defying. We watched the opening ceremony and I was thinking how much it reminded me of the Sydney opening ceremony and then I read the Australian who directed that had a big influence in the Torino opening. Any time Jim had a dig at something I said he should shut up, I mean we had people dressed as kangaroos riding bicycles and giant Hills Hoist. The Torino opening certainly show cased how much Italy has to be proud of, both in the past and present. Jim was the most excited little boy when the car came out and kept yelling its doing donuts!! its doing donuts!!. Each winter Olympics I always remember a past Olympics and a particular event, I think it was the aerial ski team jump, it was the medal decider and all this one bloke had to do was the minimum jump requirement to guarantee them, Japan I think, the Gold, it was in the bag, or so they thought. But the guy completely stuffed up and landed way short, and there he stayed crouched over his skis with his head in his hands, he stayed there for what seemed like forever, no one was to jump after him. The camera kept going back to him and he never moved and what’s worse no team mate came over, no one went near him, I can still picture him. If I remember right not only did they not get the Gold but nor the Silver or Bronze. I guess if I can’t forget it there’s little chance he’s over it, poor bugger, though it does seem a bit silly to feel sorry for an Olympian.

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