Wednesday 4 January, 2006

who wants to be a (virtual) millionaire?

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Have you ever wanted to play who wants to be a millionaire? Well after Christmas we are able to play it any time we want, thanks to a present from Peta – an interactive DVD version of the game, complete with Eddie’s commentary throughout.Just this evening Eddie popped us the million dollar question. Claire had battled through until the $250,000 mark with no lifelines used just as I arrived back from work. With two questions left and all lifelines we were looking good. At $500,000 all lifelines were used and we were left with two possibilities. An educated guess gave us the million dollar question. Another informed guess and we became millionaires – virtual millionaires that is. Well who would have known, we were jumping around and carrying on just like we had actually won.

Now we have to figure out what to spend it all on……some virtual renovations on our virtual home maybe?

We are such dags……!

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