Friday 23 December, 2005

australian xmas

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I just got back from the local market where everyone is busy, including me, buying special xmas fare. The xmas vibe on the streets of Lille is lovely, devoid of that frenetic air that is so permeable in bigger cities. Lille is one of the bigger cities of France, however I think by living in vieux Lille and sticking to the cobblestones, my European rule, no cobblestones no charm, Lille appears much smaller to me than it is. This is a loose truth so no accusations of cloistering please! Anyway I have no idea what im doing on the internet when I have all the joys of baking and other xmas preparations ahead of me. Including last minute dashes for important items like selected cheeses and wines etc. I’ll take the opportunity to acknowledge women(yes it is predominately women) the world over who go to great lengths to make a special Christmas for their loved ones whilst juggling jobs and children and a thousand other things. My hat goes off to you!

I just wanted to share a particularly lovely and very Australian Christmas card we received from our dear friends Heidi & John. I love flowering gum and who doesn’t love a ringtail possum.

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