Tuesday 20 December, 2005

Must love…..

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On Sunday Jim and I set off on our bikes to explore the canal paths leading out of and around Lille. It was another gorgeous winters day, sun shining, but very cold, about 2deg max. Having all the right gear we were as toasty as could be, I do so love Icebreaker.

As we were riding along I was thinking how very lucky we are and how very happy too. I was thinking how much I love being married and how nice it will be when the time comes to add to our happy home. It’s something I’ve always wanted and now we’re married it can be more than just a dream. I know at the moment it is not possible but I need to know we have some concrete plans for the future, after all time is ticking on. So I decided the time had come to pin Jim down to a commitment on this issue!

“Well sweetheart you have a choice. It’s either a Hungarian Vizula, Standard Poodle or a Jack Russell. What’s it going to be?”

When Jim asked me to marry him he knew I came with a yet to be adopted dog. I made that clear from the start, I love dogs, I grew up with dogs and I have always planned on getting a dog when settled. Jim is, or was, not a dog person, I am highly suspicious of non dog people! Im sorry but they are not to be trusted, I just did a mental check list of all my family and friends and can not come up with a single person who does not love dogs. In my book people who own a dog but keep them outside do not love dogs, this is cruel, dogs are pack animals!!!

Jims attitude to dogs has changed over the course of our relationship and he now smiles just as much as I do when meeting a new canine friend. He came how from the post office the other day with a huge grin on his face and reported with much delight on his encounter with a French bulldog puppy(they are exceptionally cute). He no longer has to ask me the breeds of different dogs and has given up trying to promote the merits of having a goldfish for a pet(they don’t moult!) and has agreed on possibilities for names when the happy occasion arrives. We’re quite keen on Allez(silent z) a reference to a joke I made that when I first came to France I thought all dogs were called Allez. In French, allez as a command, kinda translates to come on.

Living in France has helped Jim get to know dogs and what a joy they are, it is unavoidable as they are such a popular companion here. In France dogs are allowed pretty much anywhere, any shops, bars and even restaurants. The only problem is the dog shit on the footpaths, that certainly hasn’t appealled to Jim, it really is everywhere, but that’s another story.

I’ll leave you with my favourite joke….

A man is walking his dogs when another bloke passes and says

“Oh, they’re Jack Russells!”

the man replies

“no, they’re mine!”

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  1. Claire,

    What you need is the family dog book, for Jim to browse.
    As you know it is our family reference/bible and ends up being
    pulled out at most discussions.(And funny thing I have been looking
    for one for you cause I think you are the only family member without
    one on the bookshelf.
    Love Peta.

    Comment by peta — Wednesday 21 December, 2005 @ 8:58 am

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