Friday 2 December, 2005

French TV

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I’ll be short and to the point here. French TV is crap! – commercial TV that is. Even the French say so themselves. The worst part is you come home from work wanting to veg out in front of the TV for half and hour or so and end up more stressesed than when you came home. This is because you end up channel flicking for the entire time in the vain effort that something vaguely interesting will materialise. Ninety percent of French TV involves a bunch of people sitting around a table talking crap for 3 hours. The other ten percent is dubbed American crap.

On the upside, the TV advertising system is really great. You get an extended ad break(around 5 min continuously) before your program, at the end and if the program is long, an intermssion. Much more relaxing than ads every 5-10 minutes like back home. The downside of this is that you have to pay for this system – and not cheaply : $150 euros TV tax per year! The ads are better than back home though they can be crap too.

There are so few regular programs worth watching (actually the one crap show that Claire has embraced is “Star Academy” – she claims it helps her French!) that we end up watching TV series like 24hrs and Lost. Tonight after dinner (which Claire is preparing right this moment) we find out whether Jack lives or dies. Will Tony and Michelle go on their date once they have stopped world war 3 and how will the President make any descisions with Lyn locked in the store room?

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  1. Claire sent parcel 3 today –
    more puddings, but no eating till Xmas.
    some buttons tape measure etc -Love Peta.

    Comment by peta — Monday 5 December, 2005 @ 9:30 am

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