Wednesday 23 November, 2005

bits & pieces

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There has been a little break from posting, not due to lack of interest but a faulty keyboard….all ok now thanks to Jim. He did a very poor job at trying to disguise his joy at the prospect of having to dismantle the laptop. Ana told me as a kid he dismantled anything around the house he could get his hands on. As long as he knows how to put things back together what do I care….in fact its a godsend.

Well what have we been up to since our lucky fire escape. Saturday night we had a great evening with friends of ours, Christine and Jean-Phillipe, who came over for dinner. A lot of courses, a late night and maybe a little to much wine on my behalf meant for a lazy Sunday. Not for Jim who went out on the road bike for a few hours in 0 degrees, thats nothing in Sweden he went running in -27! Saturday we went here to pick up a few bits and pieces for Saturday nights menu, I wanted to get the cheese course right. I picked three cheeses, all cow, with different textures and distinct tastes, strong enough to have with a fabulous Gamay style Red that Jean-Phillipe had brought with him from his families village. Dont get me wrong I dont know a lot about wine but I know what I like and both Jim and I thought the bottle of Red was great. Jim took one mouthful and his face lit up and said “wow those peppery notes really hit you”. There was talk of us all heading down that way together next year so we might get the chance to stock up.

What else? I finally have a tutor for French which is great, she seems nice and organised and as well cheap, which means I can see her twice a week. My giving English “lessons” is going well, though as I was skipping with a 7yr old, counting as we went, I heard myself say Twennie! Whoops! What would my mother say?! She jumps on me at even a hint of a G or an H being dropped.

There has been even more cooking and baking going on than ever, yesterday I went crazy on the Greek theme. I cooked Mousakka for the first time and wow its a three pan and a baking dish job, but worth it. Jim said he had only tasted better in Greece….not bad for my first go. I also cooked Soudzoukakia , sausages made with cumin and cinnamon and cooked in a tomato sauce, they had a depth of flavour that the normal Keftedes dont offer. I got both these recipes from a wonderful book given to me by Daphne. In fact I realised all the cook books we have with us are gifts, and all of them are used, well as yet not Jamie’s Italy as it’s new and I haven’t got there yet, if I don’t Jim will though. We have many other cookbooks waiting for us at home as we received quite a few as wedding gifts…joy of joys.

I’ve also been busy making brooches using some quirky french buttons from la droguerie. I will post some pictures of them tomorrow, I really enjoy making them. I find any activity that focuses you 100% on the task at hand the most relaxing, taekwondo was like that for me. Cant say I find knitting relaxing AT THE MOMENT, as I attempt to step up my skill level. However I am persevering as I come from a long line of knitters and Im determined to make one of me even if it kills me. I bought cable needles today….what fresh hell is this I ask?!

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  1. Dear Claire,finally found time to look at whole site.How fantastic!Haven’t got photos sorted yet but will get one of Ava with chooks soon.This sunday is our christmas partyat Chris’s,are you sure you can’t come?Talk soon.Jaz is awake.
    love Pru

    Comment by pru — Tuesday 29 November, 2005 @ 6:04 am

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