Monday 10 July, 2006


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We are just back from Germany after having the most fabulous weekend. It was wonderful to be in Stuttgart where Germany were playing and where they won. It was also very emotional as our German friends told us it is the first time in their lives they have seen the Germans, and so many of them, wave their flag with pride. They carry much shame and have never felt it was appropriate. It was wonderful to be in the city after the game and see so many proud and happy people. The next day we watched the celebration in Berlin on the TV and our friends confirmed my suspicions that the coach is just the nicest man and the team, very much that a team. I cant imagine the players and the fans could of been more joyous if they won the final. They certainly would of been a popular winner as they could not of been better hosts, the whole world saw that.

Sunday night was not so joyous, I was speechless when I saw Zidane head butt Materazzi and then I was struggling not to cry as he walked off with his head held low. Zidane is a hero to the children here in France and when I think of them it is of course impossible to condone his actions. However I have no doubt Materazzi was relentless and willing to go as low as required, and Zidane, like the rest of us, is only human and therefore fallible.

Zidane made my jumping on board the soccer bandwagon a more joyous ride. Yes he has a beautiful face, but it’s not just that, I challenge anyone who has not been a fan of soccer to watch his play and not be won over. That unfortunate incident is not the sum of Zidane!

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