Thursday 6 July, 2006

Allez les Blues

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So France are in the final, I am very pleased but will confess to a niggle in my pleasure. The thing is when the World Cup started the French had very little to say about their team, very little air time was given and when pressed they would respond very briefly that their team was old and not united, they could not be counted on. Despite Lille being a big city the streets were quiet during their matches, no big screens and no French flags, but plenty of Brazilian ones. The French had turned their back! Coming from a culture that is very big on supporting the underdog I found the situation sad.

But then Les Blues made it to the finals! The big screen went up, the flags flew and the fans gathered in the centre of town. When they beat Brazil and won it was fabulous, I had never been anywhere where absolutely every person was united in who they supported. It was a moment I’ll never forget. Zindane’s face filled the screen and thousands of fans cheered with the flags flying and the night air filled with red and blue flares. We didn’t go into the centre of town last night but I watched and was thrilled the French won. It was strangely comforting drifting off to sleep last night to the sounds of a very happy celebratory city.

Jim and I will not be in France for the Final, we head to Stuttgart to stay with friends and enjoy the final two games in the host Country. We will take our Aussie flag to wear at all times and as well wave the German and the French. It’s a small world after all :).

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