Wednesday 5 July, 2006

man boobs & muffin tops

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I’ve just been watching the Hewitt Baghdatis Wimbledon match, I couldnt believe it when I turned on the television to discover Hewitt down the first set to some bloke with man boobs! He doesnt just have man boobs, but tummy flab and muffin tops! This is not what we are use to seeing on the tennis court, whats worse despite looking so jowly and exhausted he’s doing well. Well the game is not over yet, Hewitt is a real terrier and Im sure he will win in the end. He has to, I dont know how much more I can take. Australia out in the soccer, then England, Germany done by Italy and if Portugal beats France I dont think I could stand watching the final. What would there be to see anyway, flashes of brilliance in between time spent rolling about on the field or in the ear of the Ref.

So I will be brave and and watch the soccer, just lost coverage of the tennis, hence my being on the computer so I can keep up on BBC sport. Jim has gone to bed!!! He has been working so hard lately, he fell asleep in front of the Tv, so I sent him off and tucked him in.

So just back from checking on Hewitt, he lost!! That little Mia must be keeping him up. I read in 8/9 past grand slams Hewitt has only lost to the eventual winner. That will not happen this time, extra kilos are ok on us mere mortals and cricketers, but not tennis players!!

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