Monday 26 June, 2006

Well done boys!

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What a way to go out, part of me says oh well that’s the way it goes, but another part of me wants to SCREAM that that is not how it goes!!! It goes like that when you have actors on the field and refs in your back pocket. Bitter and very unattractive I know! So I will calm myself and focus on what a great game Australia played, even with out Harry and Emerton. Yes it would have been nice not to go out at the last minute on an unclear penalty but we were not thrashed nor dominated by Italy, we held our own and played a game to be proud of.

Jims on the phone with Joey now discussing all the ins and outs of the game. The phone rang just after we got back from the pub and I knew it would be an Italian. I did the right thing and congratulated him which was a relief, I dont want to turn into one of those ugly footy fans.

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