Thursday 23 March, 2006

Anyone for raquette?

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Crunch, crunch, crunch. No its not the sound of a disgrunted tennis player disputing a line call, its the sound one makes when they go snow shoe walking – called raquette in French. We spent a week skiing in the Savoie region at La Plagne ski area in late Feb. We were lucky to find accomodation actually, given it was the peak season when all of France (and much of Great Britain) goes to the alps. It was absolutely beautiful, high up in a quiet village opposite the ski resort with fantastic weather to boot.


We decided to give skiing a break for one morning and give raquette a go. We headed off to a small village in fantastic morning sunshine, strapped on the shoes to our hiking boots and headed off.


Each time we took a step we made a loud crunching sound. The sound was strangely calming amongst the peace and quiet. It was amazing where you could go with these things strapped to your feet. Had we not had them on we would have sunk to our knees in snow.

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