Friday 13 January, 2006

so bad it’s good

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This morning I was chatting on the phone with my cousin Peta in Oz. I was asking Peta to keep an eye out whenever she was at JB HI Fi for the final series of Sex and the City to go on sale. I never realy watched the show when it was on TV but having obtained cheaply most of the series on DVD am just now catching the boat. I have a love hate relationship with Carrie but as hopeless as she is with herself and with men she is lovely to her girlfriends and I love the development of Mirandas character, she’s my fave. I am very defensive of poor Charlotte who is frequently mocked by her friends and when any kindness is extended to her it is comes with a heavy dose of condescension, even from Carrie. Well she ends up well compensated with a fabulous bloke. Samantha I love for shocking Jim and making him laugh uproariously and asking Do you girls really talk like that? The answer depends on which girlfriends we’re talking about!

Anyway back to my conversation with Peta. I asked her how much she thought it would cost and she suggested looking at the JB site on the internet and then letting me know what price I was hoping to get it on sale for. Afterwards having done my research I sent her a text.

Me: Sex on the internet is $60 but I will only pay $38

Reply: Who is this?

Me: Claire texting her cousin. No?

A couple of minutes later with no reply and the slow realization of the implications of the content of my 2 texts and I was mortified!! A panicked phone call to Peta and No she had not received any texts from me! I just knew it wasn’t a random wrong number I remember copying out the number off one of our messy contact lists. If it was a friend they would of replied, OMG I was sure it was one of Jim’s many relatives. Despite being truly freaked at the possibilities of who may of received and misinterpreted the text I of course couldn’t fail to see the humour. When I rang Jim at work to tell him it was impossible to relay the incident as I was laughing so hard I couldn’t speak and tears were streaming down my face. A cycle of calming myself and starting to tell him and then the laughter would rise up again uncontrollably as I attempted to verbalize the content of the texts. When I finally conveyed all to Jim he did laugh but was very quick to ask me to give him the number I had text to, if this got amongst any humourless relatives there wouldn’t be enough Orthodox Saints to save us.

Well a bit later I did get a reply, the slow response explained by it being received by a very unfazed adolescent male, Steven, Petas son. Whew! Though later it did strike me as a little odd that we considered it a relief it was Steven and as well offered him no explanation.

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