Thursday 22 December, 2005


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A very welcome early Christmas present, my carte de sejour! Jim and I hadn’t ruled out another trip home for me, but it arrived in the nick of time, a visa that gives me health cover and permission to work!!! After all the difficulties we’ve had we cant believe we have it in our hot little hands. And the best part is this time there was no lining up at the Prefecture from 4am to secure a place, yes this is true, things are pretty desperate here in the North(of France) with regard to dealing with visa administration. We were assisted by the very friendly and helpful people from the Kastler Foundation.

So already I have made contact on two fronts for job possibilities, though I am limited for options due to my poor French. I still have my current casual teaching work, with it looking like that may increase next year, however it would be nice to have a proper job with a with a proper income, so think positive thoughts for me.

P.S So what can I say about the photo, I know, it looks like I’ve been caught in headlights! I have no excuse either as the photo booths here in France are very considerate and ask if you approve of the photo taken or if you like another attempt at a more appealing shot. How very French. I always take the first shot regardless as I figure if I head down the track of wanting one I’m happy with I’ll be there all day. I have worse, you should see the photos for my French drivers license.

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