Monday 19 December, 2005

for mum

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The above photo is for the benefit of my mother, who I asked, if I sent her a copy of the pattern I was wanting to work on, she would help me out with with regular phone knitting dates. My mother loves me, misses me and she knits, so what could be the problem? The problem is she knows me! She feels it could be a bit tricky via the phone and thinks I will find it frustrating and she knows when I get frustrated I get irritable. Irritable is not a euphemism for nasty but it could be for petulant. She also knows I don’t always stick with my knitting, this is an expression used in my family and not just for knitting. “Congratulations, you really stuck with your knitting!” is a cherished compliment and now I’m knitting, one I will cherish even more. So I thought I would show mum a completed project and one Jim saw me make with only joy, well it was very easy and fun to add the button and the crocheted loop.

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