Friday 4 November, 2005

London-Paris-New York?

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Can we complete the big three in three weeks? London last weekend, Paris this weekend, New York the following??? Well its a big ask but we’ll see after we get back from Paris on Tuesday evening. Until then we bid you au revoir.

P.S. It’s not all play in Paris, I am actually there for a conference at CNRS “Controle des Decollements” and Claire……well she’s there for Paris.

Thursday 27 October, 2005

Happy Birthday Claire!

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Off to London

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We head to London today, only 1hour 40min from Lille on the Eurostar, for a 4day stay with Sofia and Joey. Lots of good fun stuff planned, we’ll be back on Monday with photos.

The above photo was taken on our last trip there earlier in the year.

Friday 21 October, 2005

Compose your own pizza

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No such thing as a Hawiian or a Supreme or the need to order Meat Lovers hold the salami here. Pizza restuarants and take aways in Lille offer you a pen and a menu with a list of all available ingredients, just tick the boxes. Its make up your own, one price, as many ingredients as you like and as well a choice of crusts. C’est bon!

The great part is the best pizza place in town is directly across the road from our place (we’re marked with an x on the map above) .

Bon appetit

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